Housing, part III

So I am completely undecided. I have two opportunities for next year:

  1. Live in the premium 3-room unit in Durward. Pros are being right on campus (that is a BIG plus) and being around a lot of people. Cons are being in the dorms, dealing with college kids 24/7, and the random roommate draw.
  2. Live in a house with some guys I know through work. Pros are that they seem like pretty nice guys, and that I’d have a lot more space, and a room of my own. Cons are that I’d be over a mile from campus (fine except for the third of the school year where campus is covered in snow) and I might go into hermit mode from not being around tons of people.

I am trying to decide in the next day or two. Suggestions?

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Josh says:

It boils down to what is more important for you. If you want to do well in classes, you choose the dorms for the simplicities in life, like rolling out of bed and being able to go to class. I wouldn’t think it to be too big of a stretch to think that the extra mile to campus (and as you mention, it snows alot…) would impede your attendance in classes, thus causing a negative effect on your grades. But if you want a more relaxed atmosphere, then off-campus housing (with all the extra space) is probably a better idea.

Adam says:

I think Josh is right in the fact that neither has an absolute advantage over the other.
I think you should go for it and choose whichever one sounds more adventurous to you.

Sarah says:

Hi Zeke,
It is such a personal decision, but since you asked for feedback, I’ll add my 2 cents from my own experience. I met a lot of great friends in the dorms at Temple before moving to an apartment. Temple’s main campus doesn’t feel very campus-like, so I lived at the art campus, even though I was an English major with all my classes in center city or the north philly main campus. It gave me a small environment at a city school, and I met incredibly creative people. Once you have your friend-base you can live anywhere, really. I think it’s easier to meet friends on campus.
The Durwood room gives you more personal space: would that give you some break from college kids 24/7? Can you play your drums to your heart’s content? xo Sarah

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