3 Weeks?

What?! Where did the time go?

Apparently, I have three weeks left of class, including finals week. And where exactly did all of this time go?

I decided to go for the house off-campus. The dorm is great for its proximity to campus, but just getting away from it will probably be good. I need more space. And drums. And I need to be away from the 1,500 people on campus who decide to all get on YouTube at the same time and slow down my internet – because, as we all know, my bandwidth needs should take priority over theirs</sarcasm>.

So yeah. Three more weeks here. Then I get to say goodbye to all of the people on my floor, 75% of whom I will probably never see again (kinda like high school, eh?) and go on with life.

Oh, and I went to Arizona this weekend. And didn’t hang out with any of you. Surprise, surprise.