Dad was right.

In college, you cease to think of things as “day” or “night”, “today” or “yesterday”. Your schedule is thrown around so much, staying up super late, sleeping in (or not), turning in essays or online quizzes at the strangest hours of the day, that you just start seeing everything in relative “consciousness periods”. Time is no longer divided by consistent, sustained periods of sleep.

3 responses to “Dad was right.”

  1. Hence why we adopt the terms “logical today” and “actual today”

    Logical today ends when you sleep, and can go up until 4 or 5 AM of “actual tomorrow” (or later, depending on when you sleep)

  2. lol, it took you until college to realize this? ^^

  3. The academic differences for people like you and me are little. The social aspect, however, changes COMPLETELY when you live on campus.

    So yes. Despite how busy 5 days of school, 25 hours at work, and 20 hours of drumline kept me, this is very different.

    You are at the top of my list of people who I want to watch in the transition from high school to college. So you had better update that xanga often 😉