That week was hell.

I’ve gotten so much busier with school… And I’m not used to it. I’m used to slacking off all summer and putting out maybe 2 weeks of crazy-hard effort at the end of the semester. And now, I actually have to be responsible?!! What is this crap?!

…but seriously. I am VERY glad that this week is over. I literally had something huge occupying my attention at any given moment. And as soon as that thing was over, I would remember something else that was super-important. I still have a couple of really important things coming up, but they aren’t due tomorrow or later today, as everything else had been. I never had more than, say, 12 hours to prepare for the next huge thing.

I’m pretty happy overall with how all of those tests and big assignments turned out. I got an A on my Macroeconomics midterm, which I’m really proud of because I suck overall at econ. It brought my grade back up to a B (four tests make up the entire grade in that class 😛 ). I also am finally in the programming part of BD210, which is the start of classes in something that actually interests me (and is my major).

At this moment (totally on a whim), I’m not sure if I want to keep taking Spanish. Meh.

All of this studying and homework is making me really miss Gold Bar.

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Sarah says:

Hi Zeke,
I’m an organizational junkie, so I was wondering what kind of systems you use for long-term planning. I use a calendar, and for big projects I note big deadlines weeks in advance, and start to block out time in the weeks ahead to meet them. Sounds simple, but if I don’t those big deadlines tend to surprise me and don’t always fit in with nonmoveable work.
xxo Sarah

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