I realized how much I have to do this week about 8 hours ago.

  • Econ midterm (12 hours from now exactly)
  • Spanish exam makeup (also today)
  • Course registration (6pm today… haven’t selected a real schedule yet)
  • Entomology midterm (wednesday; study session today)
  • Registration (6pm today; have no idea of what to register for, especially thanks to my CIS vs. CS dilemma)
  • Spanish paper (Wednesday)
  • Business Communication report (seemingly endless group project that will not be done until the end of the semester)
  • Several big projects that need to be done within the next two weeks

All of that wouldn’t be so bad… except that I’m kind of supposed to go to classes and work somewhere in there, too. Grr.

What it all boils down to is this: iTunes won’t be leaving the Jazz genre at all this week. And I need to restock on Vivarin. (I know, mom…)

4 comments CRAM.

Alan says:

You’re apparently registering twice at 6 PM today

Zeke says:

And already totally high on caffeine… wow. x-p

shana says:

Just wanted to say hello from sunny Gilbert, AZ. I’m in your old stomping grounds (I think). Stayed in Phoenix last night in some hotel on Dobson Rd.

Anyway, it’s sunny and about 87 here today. Think of that while you study to lift your spirits

jordan says:

stay strong bro…it’ll be worth it when the week is finally over

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