Dead laptop

My laptop’s hard drive committed suicide at 35,000 feet last night. I was using it on the plane and the whole thing just died. I think a head’s out of place, dragging straight across the platter, because it’s awfully noisy. Nothing will boot, even a Live CD.

Luckily I shelled out a couple of benjamins for the good warranty… a new drive’s on the way, and I can install it myself. And did a complete backup of my hard drive right before I left for Arizona.

I’m computer-less for a few days… Not the biggest deal. Probably a good thing. See y’all soon.

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Alan says:

What happened to your main site? All you have now is the blog and photo gallery…

Zeke says:

The main site got axed. I designed the thing in the summer of 2004 in static HTML with Dreamweaver. It had a couple of “about me” pages that never got updated, so people would be reading about what I was like before Junior year. I only updated the blog and the photos, but people would have to click through to get to them (pretty much nobody ever visits my photo site) and so I decided to just put those two up. While my old site was the first entire graphic layout that I had done (I suck at graphics) I have gotten better – i.e. not making an entire website with tables. It’s ugly, and I only care about the blog and photos. I’ll make my own graphic design when I feel like it, but since I’m really about the content and not the look, Kubrick will do. It’s really pretty. My newer “about me” page is here, and updatable through WordPress. I love dynamic sites, and never want to have to hand code again, unless I’m making a new design. I want to be able to just open a browser, write my thoughts down, and be done.

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