I’m flying back to Colorado in a couple of hours…

I had a blast here. I didn’t do so much of the crazy I-need-to-go-hang-out-with-this-person-for-ten-minutes-now thing as I had planned. I didn’t go to ASU like I wanted… Didn’t have any way of getting there on Friday :-/

I went to McClintock early Friday morning and met up with Pat to go laugh at Drumline. It was fun… but very weird. I don’t think I’ll go back again… I’m glad to be out, and I don’t really miss it. I have good memories from there, but I have moved on. That said, I do miss doing drumline, and still plan on doing it next year.

Went to the LZ and watched several episodes of The Office… that show is addicting. We watched the first Jackass movie, too… Those guys are insane.

So yeah. Arizona was a blast…. I’ll probably have a heck of a time readjusting my sleep schedule (I’ve been up till 4 the last two nights…). And I’m ready to come back to CSU.

Oh, yeah… David and Ethan got together again, too:

100_2564.JPG   100_2565.JPG

2 responses to “Arizona”

  1. Thanks for coming out broseph. Let us know when it happens again, or we’ll just have to come up north. hmmm?