Laptop, resurrected. Productivity, still dead.

I got the replacement hard drive from Dell today- fast shipping, one business day. I feel like I’m playing Monopoly, because this is a total Dell Error in My Favor. I had a 100GB drive. They gave me a 120GB drive. Freakin’ sweet.

Unfortunately, they sent the thing pre-imaged, but only halfway, so when I booted the thing it locked up for an hour while it installed America Online, NetZero, “Adobe Elements”, and tons of other crap that I don’t need. So I took the opportunity to just wipe the whole darn thing and start from scratch with a good ol’ XP Pro disc.

Big mistake. I’ve spent the last 7 hours or so reinstalling drivers, files, and software. It’s not done yet- but it’s 1:30 AM and I’m really tired. I also need to work on an assignment for BG200 that is ominously close to a due date. Blar.

I am learning to hate the Housing department’s evil software. They use Cisco Clean Access, which scans your computer for up-to-date virus & anti-spyware definitions, as well as windows patches. Fair enough- I made sure to update all three with my new install.

Clean Access thinks I have an unpatched version of Windows. Microsoft Update can’t find anything that I need. So I can’t get access to the network until then. It’s especially annoying since this part is basically identical to my duties at work, and we have a much better solution to verify client security without making the client jump through five million hoops to authenticate themselves.

But, more importantly, Final Fantasy VII works again.

4 comments Laptop, resurrected. Productivity, still dead.

Jennie says:

Windows sucks, as does Dell preinstalls. I hate drivers, and installing them.

Cisco is a bitch. Somebody needs to go tourch it. I hates it, because it disabled my backup software and goes crazy when I dual boot. Oops.

Installing the Windows Service Pack 2 is a big big big mistake. Don’t do it for the love of God.

FF7 is the shit. Everyone should play it. It should be a requirement for any degree, it’s that awesome.

Josh says:

Hihihi… Cisco Clean Access for the win! There HAS to be a better way.

Zeke says:

There IS a better way. It’s called Vernier. My department uses it instead- transparent to the client, you don’t have to install 4 programs to get access.

jordan says:


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