I’m making more connections in Fort Collins… another few days and it will actually feel like home. I run into people that I actually know on the street or on campus. It’s cool- though I still miss my Arizona haunts- the trunk of Derek’s Montero, the corner of Gold Bar that gets perfect air conditioning, the sound of Cory singing alternate harmonies to Emery. But I’m getting along great with the people on my floor, and I like my classes.

(Oh, by the way, I’m high on caffeine right now, which has known side effects of optimism while blogging.)

I dropped BG100, due to it being completely boring. I just added BG200 in its place… It’s Business Communication Concepts or something like that. Basically I learn how to write memos and reports. Blar…
But I’d rather take it now than later. I like my other classes. This one is also MWF, so I have 5 classes monday & wednesday, and 4 on friday. (Keep in mind that I also work monday nights 8-12…. I shall hate mondays with a passion!)

I checked out another cool coffee shop in FoCo today… This one’s called “The Alley Cat”. They’re right by campus, in an alley one floor above a hookah bar. It’s a slightly larger place…. but very cozy. I went there on Improv night, and they also do open mic’. I hear that it’s hard to study there, though, because you’ll run into so many interesting people. Someone on my floor works there, too. I don’t think I’ll go there for study, but definitely to hang out- it’s a lot closer than The Bean Cycle.

Um. That’s it for now. I’m gonna enjoy waking up and getting to Rockwell Hall at either 7:30 (for work) or 8 (for class) every morning except tuesday…. 😛 Blar.

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Cory says:

C# Fbb D#……

Zeke says:

Fbb? Isn’t that the same thing as D#?

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