Life here is good. Lots of fun. I don’t spend too much time in front of this stupid thing (the computer) for too long any more.

Went to a Wendy Woo show tonight at Avogadro’s Number… It was good, but totally packed, so there was no room for dancing. I danced to one song anyways, then felt awkward and sat back down. When she finished up her set, though, some venue manager convinced the band to stick around for a while and play another set after half the audience went home. So they did- and cleared out half the floor for dancing. Yay! So the die-hard fans stuck around, and she took requests and stuff. Nice, intimate setting- fun.

Not much else worth reporting, except that some of the “you-have-to-drink-to-have-fun” crowd has emerged, and it makes me sad more than anything. But I’m having fun anyways, and there are lots of down-to-earth people on my floor, so I don’t feel like I’m surrounded by drunken idiots. (We’ve also had to play host to a few sexiles.)
Tomorrow I go to church and go mountain biking with a guy on my floor, and then I do tons of homework and laundry. The class I added – BG200, Business Communication – turns out to have a ton of work associated with it. Blar.