Zeke’s got class.

I had my first round of class yesterday… I liked most of it!

I start out the day with BD210, which is kind of an intro to information systems…  We’ll spend most of our time working with Visual Basic .NET, which means that I’ll get past wussy half-languages (finally). The professor for this class is the CIS chair, so he really knows his stuff.

After that I have BI102- Insects, Science and Society. My biggest class- maybe 400 people? But the prof here is awesome, too- really funny. And we have a project grade that can be completed by visiting the Butterfly Pavilion or a ton of different things (including the stereotypical first grade “collect-ten-bugs-and-bring-them-to-teacher” assignment). The class is definitely geared towards non-science people, which means that it’s geared towards me.

After BI102 I have 2 hours for lunch, followed by L300S- Spanish Reading & Writing for Communication. This class seems to be at- or maybe slightly under- the level of the class I took with Zinke last year. But the general idea is the same- become a grammar nazi. Which is exactly what I need, since it’s the thing I suck the most at. (See last sentence? It ended in a preposition. Baaaaad zeke.)

Next is EC204 (Macroeconomics) in the same building. What can I say? It’s econ. We’ll see if I suck at macro nearly as much as I suck at micro. (I’m guessing that I don’t.) Also a big class.

I also took BG100, which is intro to business, but I dropped it already- soooooo easy. It’s a required class, but luckily I have 34 credits already, which is enough to waive that requirement.

It also turns out that I have my 8pm-Midnight shift at work on MONDAY, not Sunday. So I did that last night too- that place gets pretty desolate. But I’m not complaining- it’s way better than Taco Del Mar.

Today I faced the reality that I once again have homework- Summer is officially over. Blar. I’m already realizing that I get distracted studying in my room- just like at home- so I’ll probably being frequenting The Bean Cycle pretty soon. I have a lot of Spanish and Econ reading to do.

And Facebook has blogs now! w00t! My blog automatically reposts there, so Facebook me and read it there!

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Isaiah says:

So, college is actually easier than ppa? woah. No, I’m just kidding. I hope that everything continues to go great. That’s awesome!

Cowboy says:

Glad to hear classes went great man. I started EMT last night…6-10 PM so its hard after having to get up at 4:45 AM for work but it was awesome. My instructors been a Mesa FF for longer than ive been alive so he knows his stuff and Ive got many new on job stories to tell you…call me later this week if ya got a chance.

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