Getting better all the time…

So I don’t think I’m bored any more… (That was fast.)

Got to know a lot of people in the dorm today. Everyone on my floor is really nice, which seems to be unique from the other floors. So I’m definitely lucky. Getting along, getting settled, getting ready for class on monday (erp.) I’m worried about Spanish 300, but considering how I had Zinke last year, I feel like I’m ready for anything. The textbook doesn’t look that bad- and I definitely need to get more grammar drilled into my head. Last year I had Spanish 2nd hour, and it really hurt me because I just don’t care about my grammar problems at 8:30am. This year it’s after lunch, so I’ll be focused (I hope). I really owe Clancy and Zinke a lot, methinks.

Church again tomorrow… Hopefully I can get some people to go with me. Nickel Creek (a great folk band that my Arizona friends are into) is playing in Old Town tomorrow at noon, so I might go to that.

I’m running openSUSE right now, and am really liking how non-bloated it is compared to Windows XP. I know I’ll have to use Windoze to do some stuff, but I want to experiment and see how much I can get by in linux- it’s so streamlined! I couple of bugs right now (like how my computer won’t sleep -.-) but that will get ironed out. I also get better performance on CSU’s network with it- they make Windows users install Antivirus, Spyware removal, AND a program to make sure you have the first two, and of course they ALL hog ram. Luckily linux users don’t need to worry about any of the above.

So yeah. I’m having fun now, got out of my depressed “I-don’t-feel-like-leaving-my-room” bubble.

3 comments Getting better all the time…

Hal says:

Ah. So How WAS your first saturday nite on campus? Or can you remember?

Zeke says:

Haha…. I remember going to bed early so I could get to church in the morning. I’m so nasty like that.

G-ma says:

Hi my favorite oldest grandson!!!!! Oh, and cutest oldest grandson!!!! Oh yeah…most handsom manly oldest grandson!!! Sounds like things are going well. Makes a grandma’s heart happy! I miss you; but am totally happy for you, and proud of you. Nice blogging – informative. The new puppy is very cute, but doesn’t take your place! Have you seen any pics yet? Gotta go. I love you. Come home soon! :O)

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