First Impressions

So I’m pretty much moved in… The room’s set up, the drums are running, and it doesn’t look like a sea of boxes any more. We actually have a good bit of floorspace going for us.

So since all of the freshmen have moved in (I’m technically not a freshman, but whatever…. “first-year student”) they’ve been doing lots of orientation activities. I’ve gotten to know some of the guys on my floor, and they all seem pretty nice and cool. Overall, though, It’s really hard going around a crowd of thousands of people without really knowing one of them. I’m glad that everyone on my floor is outgoing, but a lot of these kids are from Colorado- so they already have their friends here. I’m bad at being outgoing, so it’s awkward. I’ve felt this before- moving to Arizona. Or Fort Collins for 8th grade. It’s uncomfortable, and I know that it’ll pass, but it’s frustrating for the time being. I miss the guys in Arizona. I don’t like being bored.

Got my books today…. a couple of them are tiny paperbacks that cost over $100 each. Grr. But it’s coming out of my financial aid, so it won’t hurt me (much.)

Also found out my work schedule:

  • Sunday 8pm-midnight (BLARRRR… including this coming one, right before my first day of class!)
  • Tuesday Noon-4pm
  • Thursday 7:30am-1pm (I can do 7:30. I think…)
  • Friday 2pm-4pm

Overall, not a bad schedule at all. I only close once, and I think that Sunday isn’t a bad night to do it- tests would be at the end of the week, right? I also have saturdays completely off. This is the same schedule every week, too, which will be a welcome change from the ever-changing Taco Del Mar shifts.

So I’m a little bored, still. Oh, well.

One response to “First Impressions”

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re meeting people on your floor. I’ll bet your job will be a good source of meeting people, too.

    It does take time to get comfortable, make friends, when you move to a new place. But just think how great you did at it the last time, when you moved to Arizona! Proceed in good faith, I know it’ll come together for you. Keep reaching out to people. And remember, you have lots of (older) friends on the advising staff in our college! They would love to see you and hear how it’s going for you. Did you check out the swing dance group on campus yet?
    What are you up to tomorrow? Are you going to church?
    Let me know if you want me to come by w/ tv stand and some other stuff. I’d be happy to take you out to lunch tomorrow if you’d like that…
    Or not if you’re happy doing other stuff!
    Love, Mom