Countdown: 13 days.

Wow…. less than two weeks left. Only one week left of working at Taco Del Mar.

I’m starting to think about arrangements that need to be made up in Colorado… Things like my dorm room, job, activities, and priorities. Reminding myself that God demands to be at the top of that list- I need to get plugged into a good community up there. I haven’t really been going to church for something like 6 months now, and I’m not the happiest about it.

Also weighing my options for a burrito job at TDM/Q’doba/Chipotle versus the idea of having an on-campus workstudy job. Right now I’m leaning in favor of the workstudy, just because of the flexible hours and how it would only be a day job- working nights sucks.

Still trying to decide whether or not I want to do marching band, too. Grr! This is the third summer in a row I’ve struggled with this decision. Part of me says it’s a waste of time, but I also think that it’d be a great way to get plugged in on campus. Right now I’m really out of practice, but I think that I could fix that somewhat in the next 2 weeks. I’m leaning towards doing it- though I need to send out a commitment form ASAP. Grr.
(another plus to being in Band is that I could move in to my dorm a few days early.)

So yeah. I’m undecided about a lot of things right now. I’m not worried- they’re exciting decisions to make.

I have always said that I will miss the people in Arizona much more than the place itself. However, upon reconsidering, there is a short list of things in AZ that I will miss:

  • Gold Bar
  • La Canasta (Taco Del Mar’s Arizona tortilla supplier…. they make the best chips ever… not in Colorado though.)
  • In-N-Out Burger
  • QuikTrip

3 responses to “Countdown: 13 days.”

  1. they don’t have those things in Colorado? not even an In-N-Out? haha I’m kind of sick of arizona XP if I can get the car, I’ll try stopping by Taco del Mar sometime this week, what days/times do you work?

  2. Ooh, no QuikTrip… that’d be tough. I was staying in Tucson for a while with my husband’s family and there was no QuikTrip OR Filibertos… I felt utterly lost. ;P