I am moving.

We’ve finalized my plans now, and I will be leaving at about 11 AM on Sunday, August 6.

It’s scary. And also really exciting. I have no problem with the idea of leaving Arizona (it’s hot and I miss my old home) but there are some friends that I am really, really going to miss.

Plans are in the works for a massive sendoff party. More on that later.


  1. I already missed one friend’s sending-off party this summer (or rather, disappointing lack thereof), so I’d hate to miss another. I understand you have space concerns, but believe me, I don’t take up that much room. 😉

    If you think you can fit one more skinny guy in there, lemme know and I’ll get in touch.


  2. lol you don’t have to invite me if you don’t want to zeke. i might take up a lot of room and…oxygen…fracazando takes lots of energy, ya know 😉

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