I am moving.

We’ve finalized my plans now, and I will be leaving at about 11 AM on Sunday, August 6.

It’s scary. And also really exciting. I have no problem with the idea of leaving Arizona (it’s hot and I miss my old home) but there are some friends that I am really, really going to miss.

Plans are in the works for a massive sendoff party. More on that later.

8 responses to “I am moving.”

  1. Party??
    Am I invited?

  2. If you’re in town, yes. I can’t invite everyone out of pure space concerns, but I’ll e-mail ya.

  3. don’t remind me that you’re leaving. It’s too depressing.

  4. I already missed one friend’s sending-off party this summer (or rather, disappointing lack thereof), so I’d hate to miss another. I understand you have space concerns, but believe me, I don’t take up that much room. 😉

    If you think you can fit one more skinny guy in there, lemme know and I’ll get in touch.


  5. Make sure you invite me!!!>

  6. lol you don’t have to invite me if you don’t want to zeke. i might take up a lot of room and…oxygen…fracazando takes lots of energy, ya know 😉

  7. I know all about fracazando…. And it takes VERY little energy.

  8. It really sucks that you’ve disabled commenting, but I can’t comment on it…