Summer phun (and stream-of-consciousness posts)

So yeah… so far I’m having a total blast this summer. I work 5 to 6 days a week, but I’m usually off by 3, so I’m free for the next 9 or so hours to do whatever the heck I want. It totally rules. I’m hanging out a lot more than before.

It makes me a little sad, though, because I’m not hanging out with any McClintock kids right now. So CALL ME and let’s do something some afternoon! I’d hate to go, “Oh, now I’m up at CSU… Hmm, I never saw so-and-so, and now he’s going to such-and-such school 1000 miles away.”

I’m also in techno-withdrawal, since I’m always out. Not a bad thing, but definitely waaay different from summers past, wasting away in the CSU library with nothing to do with my time.

Zeke’s girl-craziness factor really sucks right now. Especially since he doesn’t want to start anything because he’ll just be moving away in two months… 🙁 bleah. Die, hormones, die. *stabs hormones to death*

I need a haircut.

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katya says:

It sounds like you have a good summer balance of work and play. Nice!
yr mom

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