It’s all done now, at last.

Graduation itself was what I expected from going to the last two with band… And that means long. But that’s OK. I didn’t take photos, obviously, but luckily for all of you, my friend Alan did. You can see his photos here.

And for a strangely disturbing comparison, look at this one. One is my economics teacher. The other is my mom. Very strange.

I didn’t go to grad night because they make you stay until 4 AM so that you don’t do stupid things that teens do, and I had work the next morning at 9 AM. I went and hung out with the folks from AG instead… And ended up staying out until 6. The only reason that I survived yesterday doing an 8 hour shift at work was the fact that I chugged a Rockstar energy drink.

Now I’m officially on the working-full-time-this-summer schedule. This is my first day off in a week. I’m adjusting OK- it’s just a little bit shorter than school was usually, but the time passes a lot faster. Only a little while until I can buy a MacBook.

And I suddenly don’t feel like blogging more.

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Isaiah says:

It was so awesome seeing you at graduation! It really brought so much together in the form of joy and sadness. I can’t even describe how much I’m going to miss seeing you at school each day. But, I know that you’re excited for the future. I am, too. 😉

The “economics” connection is kind of shocking. 🙂

Katya says:

It was very funny to meet your Econ teacher… it’s great that Alan got the picture!

-yr mom

Your graduation was very exciting- wahoo and congratulations!!!

lexie says:

I don’t get it… what is strange about the picture?

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