I’m currently in “head down” mode on a really fun WordPress project, but once I get to surface again, I’ve amassed a pretty big list of fun to take care of:



  • My guide to finding the perfect web host by emphasizing publishing strategy over technical jargon and marketing BS (can’t decide between text or video format for this)
  • My news addict’s guide to stress-free feed consumption
  • My long-term list of things that rock about OS X Lion
  • My long-term list of things that suck about OS X Lion


  • Harry Potter movies 1-7 at home, then hopefully see no. 8 while still in the theater


  • The rest of my new apartment’s living spaces: more art for more walls, more furniture for the living room

Tune up:

  • My car (dead for nearly 3 months) – I’ve been on my bike all summer, and am loving it. People who have read A Game of Thrones keep warning me that winter is coming for some reason, though.
  • My commute bike – it’s racked up a few hundred more miles and needs some TLC.

PicPlz Sold Out: Why, Again, Are We Letting Fickle Startups Own our Content and Relationships?

I missed this last week: PicPlz is barely live as a service, and it’s already been spun off in a cash deal so its makers can be done with it.

These little mobile apps combine convenience with effortless social interaction, but the final loyalty isn’t to the user. I’m hoping that the social sharing experience for stuff like this becomes less dependent on proprietary services that try to own the social interaction. In the meantime, I’ll be trying to find more effective ways of recreating these rich experiences on platforms that let me own and control my content.