I’m currently in “head down” mode on a really fun WordPress project, but once I get to surface again, I’ve amassed a pretty big list of fun to take care of:



  • My guide to finding the perfect web host by emphasizing publishing strategy over technical jargon and marketing BS (can’t decide between text or video format for this)
  • My news addict’s guide to stress-free feed consumption
  • My long-term list of things that rock about OS X Lion
  • My long-term list of things that suck about OS X Lion


  • Harry Potter movies 1-7 at home, then hopefully see no. 8 while still in the theater


  • The rest of my new apartment’s living spaces: more art for more walls, more furniture for the living room

Tune up:

  • My car (dead for nearly 3 months) – I’ve been on my bike all summer, and am loving it. People who have read A Game of Thrones keep warning me that winter is coming for some reason, though.
  • My commute bike – it’s racked up a few hundred more miles and needs some TLC.