Yesterday’s caucus had some interesting results:

  • Barack Obama, my personal favorite (aside from Kucinich, who is a long shot) won the Democratic caucus. Obviously I’m ecstatic
  • Hillary Clinton is in third, and trails by over 8%. I think that America is rejecting the status quo, so this is a good thing.
  • Ron Paul somehow managed to beat Giuliani and take 10% of the Republican vote- with little to no mainstream media coverage and a ton of grassroots campaigning.
  • Somehow Mike Huckabee managed to win the Republican caucus. Like the current administration, his campaign betrays true conservatism in favor of economic liberalism, big spending, and a theocratic moral system that punishes all who don’t ascribe to his particular set of values. Worst of all, he does it all in the name of Jesus – I need nothing less than 4 to 8 more years of explaining that no, my beliefs do not support violence, hatred, poverty, or harming others to accomplish religious, political, or cultural goals.

So there you go. Here’s my complete list of “Candidates who don’t scare the @)&! out of me” from both sides. Note that it is not not an endorsement, just people who wouldn’t make me crap my pants if elected. I agree with none of them on all the issues, so please no “______ supports ________, how can you like them?” I just think these candidates are honest and transparent enough that we can actually worry about their publicly disclosed policies, instead of the crazy stuff that everyone else is likely to be hiding until they are elected. Nobody likes a lying goon in office.

Obama, Kucinich, Edwards

McCain, Paul