Democratic Debates

I watched the Democratic debate in Iowa last night. I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I actually think it made me like Hillary Clinton more.

I still say that Barack Obama is the best to lead America in 2009. But I support him for his ideals, for his youth that separates him from the “Washington establishment”. But last night, especially in her comments about pursuing Al Qaeda in Pakistan, it became obvious that her experience gives her a much more detailed knowledge of issues that she would face in the Presidency. The only other candidate that comes close is McCain.

That said, I directly disagree with her views on abortion, the death penalty, No Child Left Behind, the PATRIOT acts, the Iraq war, and Same-sex marriages. (This table is the ultimate “candidate cheat sheet”)

So I’m still for Kucinich and Obama (Or maybe Obama/Kucinich on the same ticket) in 2009. But I think I’d feel comfortable with any of the Democratic candidates, which is a big change from my views a week ago.