United responds

I got back to Colorado today. The flight back from Phoenix (on US Airways, née America West crew) went off without a hitch – friendly airline agents at checkin, security (since when do airlines put greeters at security?), and the plane. My flight took off a little late but still arrived on time.

Also, United replied to my complaints about their delays and rude, lying customer service reps:

Thank you for your email. We’re sorry to have given you such a poor impression of our operation.

Mr. Weeks, I am sorry to learn your experience with our customer care agents at the airport. Our employees should provide professional service. But, you report that our customer service staff let you down, which resulted in your disappointment with our service. Your comments are important to us and will allow the appropriate management to provide feedback.

I also understand that you arrived but your baggage did not. I am sorry. This frustrating situation you describe happened despite quality control standards to assure baggage reaches its intended destination. So I’ll forward your good comments to our airport management so they can work to improve baggage procedures.

I hope you will give us an opportunity to renew a positive and valued relationship with you.

Am I satisfied with their response? Partly.  But I have the feeling that my efforts in writing them will only be a drop in the bucket for an organization so apathetic towards its customers. Oh well – I have no vendetta against these guys, but I will still vote with my dollars by not flying with them for a while.