Snowy Day

It snowed today, and I got my first chance to break in the new Canon.

Snowy Day

I’m trying to decide where I want to upload my photos now that I’ll be taking them more often. This album is done with Picasa Web Albums, which is the easiest solution (I use Picasa on my computer). I’m also looking at Flickr or my already-existing image gallery app on my own website.

So far, I’m surprised with the quality this thing kicks out- definitely leaps and bounds better than my tiny Kodak point-and-shoot, even though it isn’t a DSLR or anything. My only complaint so far is that the on-camera LCD screen is too low-resolution and small for me to tell if a photo turned out well – they all look crappy, and then I look at them on my computer monitor and my jaw drops.

I have to sit down for a few more hours with the manual to take in all of the new features, and a few more months beyond that to actually learn them. But it should be fun, for sure- keep checking back here, I’ll be sure to post anything notable.