Say “hello” to my little friend

Canon PowerShot S3 IS

My Canon PowerShot S3 IS came. I love it.

I got it for three reasons:

  1. The vacationing in New Jersey and Belize this summer
  2. Constant frustration with noisy high-ISO shots from my point-and-shoot at concerts
  3. An urge to get out and take photos with at least some dedication. I can’t be a hardcore hobbyist, but I can try to improve some.

It was hard to decide between this camera, which is a fully manual consumer model, a super-compact point-and-shoot, or a low-end DSLR. I ended up with this because I already have a pretty decent compact camera, and I’m not ready for the training and monetary committment involved with DSLR cameras. This is a happy medium. With a 12X optical zoom lens and Image Stabilization.