So my birthday present to myself was a brand-new Pearl PowerShifter double bass drum pedal. I’ve been holding off on this for about three years, because of the bad rap I’ve given double pedals (you see, they turned metal and prog rock into almost complete crap over the last 15 years). But some still know how to use a double bass appropriately, and they can make a fill burn in the right spot.

So I got one. It even works with my V-Drums and everything.

Now if only my left foot weren’t so darn retarded. It’s eight years behind my right foot, and I can’t play anything in sync. I’m sure that my neighbors are learning to hate me.

2 responses to “Blast!”

  1. thats kinda what happened with my left foot when I got my pedal, but its still not amazing, I just started to do 8th notes with my feet in class and stuff, it seems to help

  2. Haha… Yeah, I started doing that every now and then for the last couple of years in anticipation of the day that I’d finally get around to buying a double pedal. It didn’t help me much, just because I didn’t do it enough.

    The learning curve is turning out to be OK. I have to think a LOT more about what rhythms my right foot is playing, since it got to be almost instinctual. Right now, the best stuff for me to explore double bass with is Emery and Coheed. I’ll try Dream Theater next.