Not enough / Too much

So I’ve been house-hunting for the last week and a half. I was planning on renting an apartment or house with my current suitemate and one of is friends. We went to a bunch of apartments last weekend, and I went to a few houses and condos in the following days. We found a condo that we really liked, and would have been able to afford with a fourth person (4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2000 square feet, just over $300 each for rent).Yesterday, my suitemate got a call from his parents and found out that he lost a lot of his financial aid eligibility and his parents are under too much debt to cover the difference in his tuition at CSU. He’s probably going to go to a community college next year, instead.

In all honesty, I’m not too surprised. A couple other guys on my floor are dropping out in favor of community colleges, and CSU is involved in somewhat of a funding fiasco – student fees are exploding, and Colorado’s public education board is basically giving CSU the shaft. In the last six years, CSU’s funding has increased by $55 million, while the University of Colorado got $202 million in the same time. That’s over 3 times our funding, for only 1.7 times our student enrollment. But the state of Colorado is sucking on a whole right now – Colorado’s support per student is currently $7,644, the lowest amount of all 50 states.

So to put this in perspective: CSU gets the least public education support of all the universities in the least-supporting state in the country. That doesn’t mean we’re the poorest university, but it does mean that something is wrong.

Anyways, I digress.

This means that I will probably live in the dorms again next year. I am fine with that, I was just hoping to live with people I know and trust. Unfortunately, I haven’t made tons of friends up here yet, and the ones I do have already know what they’re doing this year. But I have a nice room reserved in the towers – a three-room unit on the ninth floor, with a great view and my own bedroom. Even if I get the roommate from hell, at least I’ll have some privacy. The floor is reserved for upperclassmen, too, so that will hopefully be a good thing.

If something does turn around and I find a place, I lose a $350 deposit on the dorm reservation. Blar.

I spent ten hours at work today. And I’m going to go do some more to tie up some loose ends. And I’m going in again tomorrow to help with some extra projects.
Can you say tech zombie? I think I should go read a book or something.