Look at my new toy:

Dell Skin

Beautiful, isn’t it?  It’s a pretty popular “Skeleton and Roses” design from the Grateful Dead quadrant of the Universe.

I got it through SkinIt, a company that sells decals for stuff like laptops, cell phones, video game consoles, and iPods. They have a fairly large collection of designs to choose from. I obviously ordered one for my Dell E1405, and it came custom cut to the exact size and lines of my model. If you look closely, you’ll see that it is actually four decals that bleed across the different sections of the lid.

It’s pretty well-constructed… Not a cheap sticker, either. *rummages around to get the backing* It’s “3M Scotchcal High Performance Film: Automotive Grade, with Comply(tm) Adhesive Performance.”
Meaning I gots me some auto decals for my screamin’ dual core system.

Then again, it’s a completely cosmetic upgrade, and usually when I spend money, I want my system to do something with that money, but this one is pretty sweet. Maybe I’ll bring it in to class more, see if it gets any looks from the uptight business majors that I have class with.

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