Zeke ordered a laptop.

I finally placed the order that I’ve been waiting to make for about 6 months…

I decided on the Dell E1405. I had been considering a MacBook, but the price for the same configuration as my Dell would have been like…. $700 more.

Here are some speccy’s:

  • Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz, 667MHz bus (I like how every time superfast new laptop processors come out, they automatically lose about 500MHz.)
  • 1GB RAM, 533MHz, 2x512MB
  • 100GB 5400RPM hard disk (I hear rumors that some dell notebook drives have only 2MB of cache instead of the near-standard 8MB…. hope that’s not true 😛 )
  • 14.1″ WXGA widescreen
  • All kinds of cool multimedia crap

I can’t run Mac OS on it, but I plan on killing the Dellified trialware-ridden version of Windoze that comes with it, and dual-booting Ubuntu Linux and the free version of XP Pro that I get through CSU.

And again I must wait for the evils of UPS to deliver it. I hate buying things online because I’m so impulsive, so I’ve been hitting the “reload” button daily on the Dell Order Status site since I ordered it. Looks like it shipped today, and will make an early arrival on the 18th, so I’m happy.

In other news, it looks like I’ll be leaving Arizona in 3 weeks.

5 comments Zeke ordered a laptop.

boo says:

3 weeks as in which day…? because…you need to be here august 13th 😀 partay

Adam says:

And hooray for dual-booting.

Zeke says:

Lo siento… I’m looking more at the fifth. 🙁

Emily W. says:

Yay for Intel insides!

I shall be sad that you will be gone.

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