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I have been journalling for a long time. A few years back, I replaced the private journal and put this baby up: 100% public. If you have a net connection, and I haven’t blacklisted your IP as a spammer, you can read 3 years worth of my thoughts (unfortunately, I don’t think that I’ve had much to say for over 500 entries). It rarely has been a problem for me, because I’m a fairly open guy in general.

These days, though, I have found myself second-guessing what I write here. I’ve always had to consider the impact of my words in the public forum that is the internet- is family going to read it? Can I really blog about something that’s going on with one of my friends? What about work issues, or something around school?
Keeping my mouth shut has been good for me in the drama avoidal department, but these days I feel like I’ve been censoring myself a bit to do so. There are things that I want to talk about, but not with the entire internet. Sometimes, I don’t even want a lot of people I do know to read about something.

I could open a private livejournal or something, but I don’t like making people sign up for things. So I’m just going to start putting passwords on private posts. I’m going to start out with two levels:

  1. General Protection (Level1): This is just stuff that I don’t want strangers, teachers, employers, or the gossip down the hall hearing about. Leave a comment and I might (might!) e-mail you the password.
  2. Elevated Protection (Level2): This will be used for stuff that I don’t talk to most people about, but is pretty important to me. I’m not handing these out to everyone. If I decide to give you this, I’ll e-mail it when I give you the Level1 password. (oh, and I’m not handing these out to family.)

It feels weird, I don’t want this blog to turn into the “You’re-not-invited-to-my-party” situation. Really, whoever you are, I appreciate that you are reading whatever it is I have to say, and I don’t want to make you feel unwelcome. Please don’t be offended if I don’t send you a password; I’m not holding anything back that I haven’t held back before. I just want this blog to be a medium with which to express myself, and I want to deepen that opportunity- but I am not going to express 100% of myself to a complete stranger.

People viewing this blog through LiveJournal, Xanga, Facebook or RSS: You will have to click the link to my real website to view a private post.

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Alan says:


Vicki says:

You know, that’s actually a good point… I feel like there’s never anything substantial on my online journals because I’m constantly thinking about all the people who read it who I would rather not know certain things… *shrug*

Passwords, if you want to give ’em.

Margie says:

See above comments. 😉 “(S)drowssap”?

I guess I lack the precaution that you and Vicki share. I tend to post whatever I want and wait for the mayhem that ensues when people who I didn’t expect read what I’ve written (read: parents, middle school friends). For xanga, the protected posting is a relatively easy solution, because then I can select who reads the posting without having to create a password system, but I guess this works well, especially since these posts are sent out to all the feeds.

Jordan says:

i would NEVER want to hear anything you say that has anything to do with your personal life. i prefer to know you on a superficial level.

Amanda Teh Pimpster says:

Hey sexy beans
You can email me at 🙂 You’ll just have to tell me how to access the account if you actually send me anything there… hope colorado is doin well for ya!

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