Thank God the week is over.

Wow. For me, this was just a really crappy week.

I’m really not in a bad mood… Or discouraged…. It just sucked. No hard feelings. And frankly, I don’t think I’m gonna go into it, I think I’m tired of hearing myself whine, so I won’t force it on anyone else.

But there is good news, as well, in the form of a new 500GB external hard drive. It’s big, it’s eSATA, and until I get a desktop that supports that kind of connection, I will only experience about 1/6 of its speed. It’s also loud as heck. But it’s 500 gigs.

One response to “Thank God the week is over.”

  1. sorry to hear you had a rough week.
    love ,mom
    let me take you out for a meal soon – give me a ring mmkay?