Christmas 2006

It’s that time of the year again…. where my mom starts bugging me for my Christmas list. I can only think of a few things this year, but here they are:
NOTE: This blog is read by friends, family, strangers, and, apparently, professors researching political blogs. So don’t assume that by reading this post, you are expected to give me something.

  • $ for a fridge/freezer/microwave (my roommate is moving out at the semester, so I’ll need to replace his)
  • This shirt. I’m a medium.
  • Cool music that I haven’t heard before
  • Live Phish Vol. 13 (Halloween show where they cover the White Album in its’ entirety)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation season DVDs (I prefer later seasons to earlier ones)
  • An official announcement of your candidacy for President in 2008 (but only if your name is Barack Obama)
  • $ to help rehaul Tiberius, my lovable two-wheeled companion. He’s taken me thousands of miles, and he’s got a long time left in him, but it’s time to give him some TLC: the first serious rehaul.

If you need give a link to this post, it can be found at http://christmas.zekeweeks.com.

What do you want for christmas?

4 comments Christmas 2006

Adam says:

Why do you want Barack Obama to run?
A) He’s a Democrat.
B) He’s got approximately zero experience running anything. By 2008 he’ll have – oh wow! – two years of national leadership experience.
C) He doesn’t have the fuel to pull through. He’s been the media darling lately, but give it two years and unless he’s got the best campaign this side of Karl Rove, we’re just not going to see the same kind of attention.
D) The Democrats are going to muff up Iraq just as bad as the Republicans did. It’s a political deathtrap and there’s simply no good option. Pulling out means a gradual takeover by militant and/or terrorist forces. No? Give it two years.
E) He’s black, which gets a lot of minority support, but it places a greater requirement on him for white votes. A good-looking, well-known white face (say, McCain, who’s been the media darling for eons) could win in November if he gets the GOP nomination. I’m not saying people are racist. I am saying that people want to elect someone who looks like they do – which is partially racist.

Zeke says:

A) I don’t like either party. Or their platforms. I would also accept a nomination from John McCain.
B) Four years in the Senate is good experience. I admit, some view it as “insufficient” experience, and I won’t say that they are crazy to think so. Right now we have a president who has plenty of “experience running things”… and failing. Obama has a pretty clear vision of government and is really good at recognizing both his own sentiments and those of the people who disagree with him. We’ve had some pretty good presidents that didn’t spend years in Congress first- it’s an executive job, not a legislative one.
C) Possibly true. Especially if Hillary’s campaign turns out to be any good (shudder). But right now he has a strong position in the polls.
D) Yeah, Iraq is pretty screwed up and will be no matter what we do, it seems. I have no idea of how Obama would be suited as commander-in-chief of the military.
E) McCain rocks. He’s my favorite Republican. If Obama doesn’t run, and McCain doesn’t have Bush people backing him, I will vote for him. We’ll see how race turns out in this, er… race. I’m optimistic, but we’ll see how they like Barack in the south.

While politics sucks, and I’d rather not waste my breath on it, every once in a while I see a candidate who actually looks like a real person who hasn’t become consumed by the political machine that destroys their passions, priorities, and allegiances. Obama hasn’t sold out to the interest groups, is an excellent negotiator who understands and is sympathetic to those who disagree with him. I’ll take any President who uses his position responsibly and humbly, especially after this current one who considers his tiny margin to be a mandate for his radical half-conservative, half-crusader agenda.

shana says:

So do you take PayPal for Christmas? lol!

Seriously though, where do you want stuff mailed – AZ or CO?

Zeke says:

My mom’s address in CO. I no longer will be residing in Arizona- just visiting family.
I’m gonna miss you guys this year! I hope you’re enjoying your new place. I am jealous.

(…but now I can pretend you guys are my parents so I can get in-state tuition to UCSC, right? Cause I woulda gone except for the whole $100k of debt thing 😉 )

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