Finishing strong (hopefully)

I’m in the last real week of school now. Today will be the worst – I had a presentation at 7 am, and I have a tough econ test coming up in a couple of hours. I got all spiffed up for the presentation, shirt-n-tie-n-stuff… felt snazzy. I think I am slowly being brainwashed by the degree program called “Business Administration.”
I had to spend half an hour on to figure out how to get the darned thing on, though :-/

So from here out, I have that econ test (blog faster, Zeke!) and a tough Spanish essay on a piece that has me running to the dictionary for every other word. After that is finals week, which consists of two optional finals that I will take (CIS and Econ) and a last entomology test.

I have like… no idea of any of my grades. That bothers me. It’s hard to find out, too… Most classes post scores on WebCT, but they don’t even convert anything to percentages. And it doesn’t account for grade weighting, so if your prof weights grades, you’re screwed.

So I think I’m doing well in my classes. But who knows? It feels like a shot in the dark.

I can’t wait to get back to Arizona. I really miss all of my friends.