Snow (already?)

Today was the first snow of the year. In the middle of October. Fall doesn’t end for 2 more months! I don’t know how that happens.

Made a gallery… haz clic for more:


I have to figure out what to do about my bike. The snow’s gonna destroy it… I’ll probably have to part with Tiberius for a few months 😦

2 responses to “Snow (already?)”

  1. ahhh, i lose my ninja stealth skillz when it snows (black on white ain’t that hard to spot)

    pictures like that are the reason i am deathly afraid to go to the east coast for school (woot stanford! no snow i am lead to believe).

    i’m already cold here and it’s only like, mid 60s (and i mean all-out shivering cold). i read in this book, Cambridge, that negroes dont like the cold. i’m a negro!

  2. Brrr….I remember that. Looks like the yukky wet kind, too. Fall snow. Good thing you put on a few extra layers of winter fat. Now go to sleep untill spring.