My bike kicked my butt.

Today I tried out another church… I think it was called Timberline Old Town? It’s in a huge coffeeshop. I want to go another couple of times, because we were late and I didn’t get the best feel of it. I had said before that I am very happy with Mountain View, but I want to look around a bit more. I decided that I really, REALLY like what is preached at MVCC, but I’ve been going for like 2 months and I still feel like I don’t know anyone there.

That said, what makes a church the “right one” to attend? There are plenty. I’m never going to find one that’s completely in tune with my own beliefs, and I’m never going to find one that’s just so cool that I can’t help but want to go there- God has done a good job of working through the humble and imperfect over the past few millenia, so I don’t think he’s going to change that policy any time soon.

This afternoon I went up to Horsetooth Rock with Riley, one of the guys on my floor, on my mountain bike. I’ll tell ya what, four years of biking on flat Arizona roads does nothing for me… I was biking up this really long, steep grade, and gasping for air all the way. I was dehydrated, my lungs were about to collapse, and my poor thighs haven’t done any work since I left Colorado before high school. We turned around really early.

100_1940.JPG 100_1943.JPG 100_1944.JPG 100_1946.JPG

I’m still really glad that I went- the weather will be taking a turn for the worse very soon, but it was really nice today. I was stupid to try and conquer a mountain without doing any preconditioning… and it showed. I am embarrased of myself, so I want to spend the winter doing at least a little bit of cardio, because I have asthma that only kicks in when I’m exercising and I need to train myself to actually do physical things again.

That, and once I get some savings going, I want to spend a couple hundred bucks upgrading Tiberius, my trusty Trek 4500. He’s a great bike, but I’ve really destroyed his gears.

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My Name Is MaRK says:

physical excercise?

*eats some potato chips*

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