I guess this completes my first normal weekly cycle at CSU. So far, I really like it- especially leaving behind the nusciences of high school. I feel pretty relaxed, and that’s after working a full schedule and having all of my classes. Obviously now I need to fit in the serious study habits, since it’ll get harder from here. I still struggle with getting distracted from studying, especially in the dorm with so many interesting people. My computer is also a large source of distraction. I kicked myself out to the library around 8 tonight, and didn’t get back until 11:30. I probably could have cut that time in half had I been more focused.

I’m also still pndering and praying about how God wants to use me to His glory. That’s my main goal- this stage of college exists in my mind merely as a platform for God to show me where I can work for Him. Unfortunately, keeping my mind open to this can be hard, since college is also the place that the world says you need to go to be successful – an assumption that I totally don’t give a crap. I don’t care about my wealth, stability, success, or I guess even happiness, which is what most people come here to gain. If I’m not careful, I might lose my desire to glorify Him and start desiring these pointless ends instead.

Living in the dorms hasn’t exactly been a shock for me, but it still is surprising to see everything that goes on- lots of partying, alcohol, sex… I’m never one to condemn, but I see so much of it going on at the same time. It just makes me sad, I guess. So much goes on without attention paid to the consequences later, so it seems almost risk-free. A dangerous deception.
I am definitely thankful that I view this from an outside point of view, rather than feel tempted to be a part of it – I hope that it continues to be that way. God has definitely worked to protect me from the start, because so far this seems nothing like my freshman year of high school (maybe skipping my freshman year of college was the best thing I ever did!)

OK, I’d keep talking, but it’s past midnight. I have class at 8. DANG. Here goes my first Hell Monday (all 5 classes, work till midnight)

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jordan says:

stay stong brother…have you found a church yet?

Zeke says:

Yep! I did…. Although i went to an Emerging Church last sunday, which was REALLY scary. Mars Hill was fine, but this guy had some freaky doctrine.

Terilyn says:

yo yo yo! how weird, squeak. i was just talking to fluffy about ex boyfriends and good ones vs bad ones, etc….so i started googling names to see if i could find anybody. you have your own domain name…. o.0 christ.

aw i’m trying really hard to not swear and offend anybody. huzzah, i found pics of andy, jordan, david, CORY, you, the mind boggles!! ‘stay strong brother’…..well that’s neat anyway. i don’t know.

do you have a myspace? i know myspace is pretty useless, but no matter how much we trash talk the fake bi chicks or the popularity contest it still ends up being a good way to keep in contact with old friends. current pictures, comments, notes, and a mini-blog thing. i dunno. mine myspace.com/amantedicaos

i’ve gained weight and a few big tattoos….you seem to have gained…hair. neat. you look happy, that’s good. what city are you in now? i’m living in Raleigh…….been moving around a lot since i got expelled a few years ago, you know. experimenting. i’m a bit more stable now at least, and not quite as bitter. also i’ve been selling a lot of my old art, and new art. might have just hooked a better job out here, freelance photography for the college parties P: pays pretty well, and gets you into the clubs and stuff for free. i’m still hoping to get published but we can’t all have what we want. more recently i’ve worked at a department store, at a french bakery, as an auto mechanic, and i’ve done some modeling which is fun but not reliable :/ what kind of jobs have you had? what are you going to school for? do you have a car? i just bought this a few days ago, finally. it’s 31 years old but in almost perfect condition… was really hard to find. do you have a girl or are you having a break from that still? and how is God, haven’t heard from him in a while. how are shiloh and hal? and your sister and brother? also, a new dog? what’s it’s name? how is college, and what is your room/roomates like?
hope you’re doing well and hope to hear back from you soon. i miss your corny jokes.


Cory says:

mmhmm. a dangerous deception, indeed.
Keep your pants on!
Love, Cory

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