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No IE. Do I care? Not really.

I just looked at my site in Internet Explorer for the first time in several weeks (I’m on a library kiosk and have no other choice.)

It doesn’t display the entire sidebar and some entire┬áposts in IE.

I don’t care, either. IE isn’t functional, and my site displays fine in Firefox and Opera, which are much more standards-compliant.

For the 32.7% of you still viewing this site in the most unsecure browser ever, get something else. You’ll do yourself a favor, and you’ll be able to view my blog.

(I’ll fix it for IE eventually. But only when I feel like it.)

One comment No IE. Do I care? Not really.

Shylo says:

Where’s my $65? I want my $2! Gimmie my $2! Pay up punk, I know where you live and where you sleep.
I love you!!!!! I miss you!

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