New contact information

So in the spirit of moving everything, here is the latest installment:

I changed my cell phone to a Fort Collins number. No more 480 area code (I liked 480! 😦 ).

I also have a new address (…in a week, when I move into the dorm).

Wanna know my new digits? Too bad.
OK, I just don’t want to put it out on the interwebs. I don’t trust freakish stalkers. So e-mail me for the new info. If you don’t even know my e-mail address, I probably don’t want you knowing my physical one.

(by the way, I’m on Verizon, so if you are, too, you can talk to me for free. Or text me.)

3 responses to “New contact information”

  1. where’d you go on roadtrip? so prettyyyy!!

  2. Malibu Beach, San Francisco, Seattle, Fort Collins, and Lake Ute, Utah. It was awesome.

  3. Hahaha, always have to watch out for those stalkers! By the way! Don’t look outside your window for the next hour or so. I’m enjoying the view *stalks*. Just kidding.

    Hope you have fun. I miss you already. *Hugs*