On saying goodbye…

Today was full of a bunch of “lasts”. It was my last day at work. I also ran into TONS of people for what’s probably the last time I’ll see them in a while (or, realistically, some of them I’ll probably never see again).

Ran into Isaiah right when I took my lunch break. We had lunch together- such a great, balanced guy… (I know that our friendship is not ending, but rather only beginning. You rock, dude.)

A few other people came through at work that I didn’t have time to get to know better…. Mita, Erin Obr, and others.

I went to Gold Bar after work to hang out with Lizzy. Before she came, I ran into David Stoll, Vicki, and Margaret. Then Nate, my old drumline instructor came in. Jen, also from drumline, was working.

Lizzy and I talked for a little while… All of us PPA kids going out of state are sharing in the moving-away jitters. I have a cool idea in the works for coordinating an “out-of-state PPA kids’ care package ring” so that we can make each other feel more at home.

Leaving is getting really weird. I hate saying goodbye- for a long time, or even permanently. It’s really weird. I much prefer how it happens in “The Sixth Sense”:

Cole: "I'm not going to see you anymore, am I?"

Malcolm doesn't respond for a while.  He shakes his head, "No."
Cole: "...Maybe we can pretend we're going to see each other tomorrow? Just for pretend."
Malcolm: "Okay, Cole, I'm going to go now...
I'll see you tomorrow."
Cole (softly): "...See you tomorrow."

4 comments On saying goodbye…

Margie says:

Aww…. Zeke… you’ll be missed!

And, I definetely like that quote.

Isaiah says:

Leaving is so weird, but you have great things ahead of you. Just think about all of the opportunities you will have to grow in a new place without drama and messy politics. You can just be whoever you want to be. We should definitely chill before Sunday.

Vicki says:

That quote’s amazing.

pooh says:

I strongly dislike the Sixth Sense just because I’m a wimp and horror movies freak me out for a long time (think several years). Last year I watched the first 30 minutes of the Sixth Sense and I’m still extremely scared of my bathroom and the closet. someone told me about “dead people crawling all over the walls” so my imagination gets carried away…it’s sad.

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