…Is it warm in here, or is it just my lap?


In the last month, three Dell laptops have exploded.

With my luck, the TSA probably won’t let me carry my E1405 onto my flight to Colorado next week, since they’ll be classified as some kind of WMD by then.

(…I wonder if reproductive organs are covered since I went for the expensive “Accidental Damage” warranty… I wouldn’t want this baby to burst into flames with such proximity to my future children.)

3 comments …Is it warm in here, or is it just my lap?

Mike S. says:

Heh… I saw that, but then decided I wouldn’t be so cruel to inform you about it after you already ordered it. Instead, I let Engadget be cruel for me.

Adam says:

It’s only been a few laptops out of several thousand. The odds are on your side.
Also, they’ll probably figure out which batch(es) are crap, and recall by then.

Zeke says:

More like several million- dell makes tons…. But it’s still enough to make someone paranoid….. Just like how we live in a valley of millions, and everyone’s scared about the Baseline rapist even though he affects a very small percentage of the population.

And they’ve already done a recall, all of them have battery issues, and it’s a wonder that no other brands are exploding. The batteries are all different… And it’s not like dell’s suppliers aren’t supplying the rest of the batteries.

Lithium batteries are bad. They just linked them to blowing up a UPS plane a couple of years ago…

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