Another kind of hot

So usually Arizona’s summer is very similar to what most people might percieve as “hell.” It’s not the worst idea- it’s gotten up to 118 degrees this year. Blar. And everyone says, “….but it’s a dry heat!”

And it’s true. For me, I bike to work, and I go, “Wow, it’s HOT!”
And I  get over it,  and forget about it since I maximize my time indoors.  Everyone in Arizona has air conditioning.

Ours broke in a huge monsoon a few nights ago. Ever since, the whole house has been horrible. The temperature everywhere else has dropped about 20 degrees… The high today was 94, and at 11:35 PM as I write this, it’s a cool 90 degrees right now. But it’s gotten humid everywhere. Humidity is soooo much worse than the high, dry heats here.

Add to that the fact that my house has no aire acondicionado, and you get a very unhappy Zeke. I’m tired of constantly sweating. I’m sitting in someone else’s house right now, with AC running, and I’m still sweating. A lot of it owes to my hair, which basically functions like a mop attached to my sweaty head.

So I’m actually considering cutting my hair again. Not just because of the heat, but I am yet again doing the “My-hair-is-having-an-identity-crisis-but-I-won’t-do-anything-about-it” thing.

So I’m looking for a hairstyle that will fit my personality. Which is why I hate hair- I don’t know what my hair’s personality looks like. I know that it doesn’t bother me when it’s really, really long, and it also doesn’t bother me when it’s bald.

Which reminds me. I was looking at my site statistics, and this year, 69.4% of search engine references to my site are from terms having to do with “emo hairstyles.” The word “emo” alone is responsible for 729 references this year.

And now I’m screwed for mentioning it, because there’s another reference to it on my blog, which will only give me more relevance on Emo PageRank.

Holy crap. I leave in 8 days. I don’t wanna leave…….. 🙁

2 comments Another kind of hot

Isaiah says:

I don’t think that you’re “emo” enough for a true “emo” look, Zeke. j/k Why don’t you go for the metro hairstyle?

We’ll all miss you when you’re in Colorado. Take it easy.

Alan says:

As much as I’d like to try and avoid people right now, we should do something before you leave for college.
Send me an email (alan at alanv.org) or something…

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