Final schedule

AP Credits transferred over to CSU…. I got a 4 on the Microeconomics (thought I would fail) and a 4 on Spanish (as expected; had hoped for a 5).

These credits officially make me a sophomore. Sweet.

So I registered for my last classes, and now I have my finalized schedule.

Everything but one recitation on MWF….. eww… But having 4 days off a week will obviously have its’ advantages.

Still trying to decide whether or not I want to bother with marching band. Right now I want to. GRRR! I do this every year. I don’t think I’ll end up doing it, though.

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Adam says:

This is entirely off topic.
You should know, for your main web-site, that butterflies technically emerge from chrysalises (singular is chrysalis), and moths are the ones that come from cocoons.

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