Web Inspector CSS gone in Chrome 19: Bug or Design Change?

I depend on this feature a ton, and am hoping this is a bug instead of a conscious change in functionality. I haven’t had the time to do all the testing and bug tracker searching across the Chrome, Chromium, and WebKit projects yet, but I’m hoping I can get some word on this change from someone with more knowledge about the issue:

(Click to view in full resolution)

Chrome lets you create new CSS rules right inside the DOM inspector. I used to be able to then view all those rules in the Resources pane, but now that view instead shows the document source. This could have been a conscious decision – perhaps people want to see their changes to the HTML in addition to the CSS – but it’s clearly favoring one output over another. Perhaps what I’m looking for was moved, or deemed irrelevant? I wish I knew.

2 responses to “Web Inspector CSS gone in Chrome 19: Bug or Design Change?”

  1. Dear god I miss this feature. Any word on this?

  2. Actually, I think I found a work around for this just now. If you go to the CSS file, you can now make edits directly in the file, when you previously couldn’t. This way you can just write/format new rules directly into the stylesheet, and right-click on the file and save as to where you want (or I just ctrl+a, ctrl+v to my CSS file). One thing you can do is also just put in stub tags where you want, “body.newClass {}” and then go select the tag and give it the styles you want, and it will put in that exact spot in the stylesheet.

    Although it will take a little bit to get used to doing it differently, I think it’s actually a little better since I can now put my new rules exactly where I want them, including comments.