Wikipedia SOPA/PIPA Blackout Tweets Reveal Humanity is Doomed

Watching the chaos unfold as an unwitting public awoke to many popular websites going on strike in protest of SOPA and PROTECT IP just made my day. Searching for tweets containing both the words “fuck” and “Wikipedia” was hilarious at first. I opened @whatthefuckwiki to curate the most hilarious results. But as the hours and hours of self-entitled teenage venting went on, my usually oh-so-optimistic faith in humanity started to wear thin.

What follows is an overview of the kind of reactions that sped through Twitter all day.

The initial shock was catastrophic:
Some got specific with their calls for redress.
High School students with tests and homework weren’t the only ones to complain, though. Professional journalists and other office-dwellers resigned themselves to their Wiki-free fates:
Blame went all around.

Some didn’t care about the issues and just needed their Wikipedia fix:

Some became aware of the issue thanks to Wikipedia, and voiced their new opposition to SOPA & PIPA:
Many thought the government actually blocked Wikipedia, or came up with other ideas out of thin air:
But, more than anything, this blackout shows just how lazy and unafraid of blatant plagiarism (or even cheating) many students are.

I need a drink.

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Emerson says:

This is just sad.

Were we really expecting something else?

In fairness, while helping to rally interest in the SF street protests I spoke to dozens of people who were not aware of SOPA, didn’t understand what was happening, and were very supportive of the strike and the protests. Even some publishers!

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