Gallery: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

I’m having a great time on Vieques, a beautiful little island of Puerto Rico. Lots of snorkeling and time with family (and sunburns 😛 ). But I spent the first three days on my own in Old San Juan:

20110714-085248.jpg 20110714-085300.jpg 20110714-085307.jpg 20110714-085315.jpg 20110714-085326.jpg 20110714-085334.jpg 20110714-085346.jpg 20110714-085404.jpg 20110714-085355.jpg 20110714-085411.jpg 20110714-085431.jpg 20110714-085441.jpg 20110714-085617.jpg 20110714-085651.jpg 20110714-085728.jpg 20110714-085749.jpg 20110714-085801.jpg 20110714-085810.jpg 20110714-085824.jpg 20110714-085832.jpg 20110714-085843.jpg 20110714-085852.jpg 20110714-085903.jpg 20110714-085909.jpg 20110714-085915.jpg 20110714-085920.jpg 20110714-085925.jpg 20110714-085932.jpg 20110714-085937.jpg 20110714-085949.jpg 20110714-085944.jpg 20110714-085956.jpg


  1. These are great, Zeke! I love the streets and buildings, the colors and the history.

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