This is my idea of “traveling light” on vacation.

Yeah, I feel ridiculous.

One response to “This is my idea of “traveling light” on vacation.”

  1. Love it.–Just the basics!
    On my last trip I brought: 1 chromebook, point-n-shoot camera, iphone, android phone, solar charger, USB AA battery charger, power strip, wife’s android phone, kids’ Nintendo DS & DSI, and an iPod.
    I suppose I could have just brought a USB hub, and charged the CR-48, and used the hub to charge just about everything else. But no matter how you slice it, it requires cords of one kind or another (at least this year it does)
    It can be a challenge to keep everything powered up. Then there is the question of no wifi… a whole other problem. In a way though, it’s nice that there are places where wifi can’t follow you.