On Yesterday’s “Terrorist” Incident

Airport security yet again failed to catch a person’s improvised weapon aboard a plane yesterday. Passengers yet again proved that they aren’t going to let shit happen on a plane in the first place. The cabin of a plane is no longer a viable place from which to carry out a terrorist act.

The American government responded by adding more “security” measures.

I’d feel a lot safer if my government focused on making less enemies in the world instead of treating us all as if we are the enemy ourselves. That isn’t the kind of self-fulfilling prophecy I like.

One response to “On Yesterday’s “Terrorist” Incident”

  1. I have to agree about the govt treating us like ‘the enemy’. The rights, freedoms and privileges we enjoy sure do go away quickly, and with no discussion, when stuff like this happens. Sometimes it’s like a bad sci-fi novel, but less enjoyable.