Sevilla & Córdoba (with pics)

Just got back from a weekend in Sevilla with a quick stop in Córdoba. Sevilla was absolutely amazing – a few times larger than Granada. Like Madrid, it’s full of monuments at every turn. We went around all the usual touristy stops – my mind was blown by the Cathedral’s tower. It was constructed by Muslims and then converted into the cathedral’s bell tower. Since the call to prayer used to be given from the top of the tower five times a day, they elected to use ramps instead of stairs and ride up by horse or donkey. The ramps are still there, and you have to go up around 35 of them to reach the top, where an amazing view of Sevilla awaits.

We made an afternoon stop in Córdoba yesterday, as well. I was sick – second time in a week. After spending an hour and a half looking for a pharmacy that’s open on Sundays during siesta. Ran into about 15 closed ones (Spain has pharmacies everywhere) before finally finding a 24/7 one. Then had a tour of the Mosque/Cathedral, which was an amazingly cavernous building.

I’m now glad to be back in Granada- getting sick on the last day while still traveling is a real pain.

Now for pictures!



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Your mom just gave me the link to your blog, so I will not live vicariously through you! Your pictures are amazing, and i’m excited to keep up with your in your travels!

Keep updating!

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