Photos from the first week in Granada

We’re getting pretty well settled here in Granada… Much easier to blend in a bit and feel more like a local. I’m learning the streets more and have a better sense of direction…

Today we went for a tour of the Albayzin – the historic Muslim quarter of town on a huge hill next to the Alhambra. It’s a beautiful, quieter part of town that has less roads and more footpaths. Very hilly, too. We saw a lot of great stuff and I got my first good look at the Alhambra, too.

Getting home from the tour was a bit difficult… There was a huge Gaza protest going on in the street. We wanted to  check it out, but at the same time I knew that abroad, Americans can be seen as “OMG Israel can totally do whatever the hell they want.” So we tried to lie low walking through the enormous crowd, not wanting to look very American. Hopefully with the new presidency our foreign policy might come out of the sewers so we aren’t seen as supporters of genocide.

OK, I digress. The photos:

Granada, semana primera

4 comments Photos from the first week in Granada

lee says:

hey Zeke, great pix! looks like you all climbed up to the mirador at top of albaizin? pretty cool up there …

Katya says:

So nice to see pix of you in Granada, & pix of Granada. Have fun at ojos tonight!!!

lee says:

hey Z,

didja see Ojos last night? We were watching the clock and thinking about you when it was 3am in grana’ … hope you’re sleeping now 😉

Katya says:

Hi! I’m at work looking at these Granada pix with Jimmy. He says you already look different, you look more European!

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