An Open Inquiry: The Meaning of Romance

Today I had a really interesting conversation with someone about what things like marriage and romance mean to us. And by “interesting,” I mean that we disagreed on almost everything! 😀 (Actually, it wasn’t as much disagreement as it was approaching the subjects from very different perspectives.)

I find it fascinating how we use words like “romance” in passing conversation when we all have very different ideas of what they mean. So I’m interested in what different ideas people have on what they think.

Assuming that “love” and “romance” are two distinct things, what does romance mean to you?

One comment An Open Inquiry: The Meaning of Romance

Sarah says:

Hmmm. I guess I’d say that love can be constant, or unquestioned, a state that you are in. And romance is the ways in which you keep that state alive. So love is the context and romance are the details that feed and sustain the context.

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