Free EP: The Autumn Film

My friend Aaron turned me on to these guys, and I’m already hooked one hour later….

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The Autumn Film is a band from Boulder, Colorado with music from the same vein of artists such as The Fray and Coldplay – piano-centered rock with introspective lyrics floating over the top. Pianist/vocalist Tifah Al-Attas has an obviously close and deep connection to her lyrics.

And, as a fellow independent musician, I really like how they are promoting themselves:
a free EP download online for anyone, as long as they share it with three other people. The effect multiplies exponentially as it gets shared more and more, which is the exact opposite of the dying record industry’s business model.

A lot stands out to me on the four tracks from the So Loved EP: the fullness yet sheer simplicity of the drums on “Because We Are” makes me want to go back to my own drumming and learn how to do more with less. “Enough” dynamically flows between simple patterns and energetic drives. But the
topping on the cake is “Holding Place”, a leftover track from previous recordings. This piano-only love song showcases all of the idiosyncrasies hidden within Tifah’s great voice, which exhibits an impressive range and strength in all registers.
Oh, and “Holding Place” has lyrics which tug at the heart, possibly the inspiration for the
band’s usage (logo?) of a heart bound in ropes.

So check them out,  download their free EP here. If you like that, get their new full-length album here.

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tifah says:

Thank you so much! We radomly google our name to see if anyone is writing about what we’re doing and there you were. I really appreciate everything that you said. It truly encourages me that we are moving in the right direction. Thanks for the plug and keep blogging!

Tifah (the autumn film)

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